Arrival Information

Please find an overview of your arrival information for Taupo Bay Lodge. If you have any queries though, please get in touch with us.


  • Sports and beach equipment in the games room

    There are boogie boards, fishing rods, mask and snorkel sets, beach cricket set and other various games. Please feel free to use everything, giving it all a rinse down and hose with fresh water afterwards, and stored back in same place.

  • Garage info
    There is a spare fridge in the games room, good for surplus food, storing ice, beer and  fish bait.
  • Kayak

    It’s a 2/3 person kayak and there’s life jackets for all sizes, please enjoy. There are some cool caves to explore, best to head right across the bay, along the headland following the coast. To explore properly, it’s about an hour each way from where you launch on the beach. Remember to take weather and sea conditions into account.

    For those that want a bit more adventure, another half an hour further along the right hand coastline, and you’ve made it to Whangaroa Harbour. This area is ideal for kayaking. Easily spend an hour or two exploring all the bays and coves in this area. After use, please give kayak, paddles, seats and life jackets a good rinse with hose. To take the kayak down to beach, its best to use either roof rack of car, or sticking out the back of your station wagon ( if you have one) while someone holds the other half inside!

  • Wood for fireplaces

    There should be firewood, logs and kindling stacked next to the main fireplace in big lounge, enough for at least two fires for either fire place. For more wood, under the deck alongside the path next to the garden, there is a stack of dry wood all ready to be used.

  • Kitchen

    In the pantry are the basics of tea bags, sugar, salt , pepper , paper towels etc, help yourself. If for any reason the oven doesn’t seem to work, it’s highly likely that the clock hasn’t been set. Occasionally up atTaupoBay, there can be the odd power cut. Thank fully a lot less now than in the past when there was stormy weather. If there was a short cut, and then the power came back on, this would mean the clock on the oven would need re setting before it would work. The waste master is fine to use, however if you would like to put food scraps in the green compost bin under the deck, that’s even better! The water is tank water supply collected off roof so fine to drink.

  • Spa Bath

    Please ensure that the water level is covering the jets before turning them on. (kids will love it if you use bubble bath liquid at same time as air bubbles!)

  • Sauna

    Don’t forget to turn off after using. Use the ladle and bucket with some water to pour over the stones for extra heat if you like.

  • General

    Prefer if no shoes when inside the house, leave at front door hallway area or under shelter on the deck off the kitchen. No smoking inside the house and careful when disposing of butts outside. No dogs rule is largely due to the presence of kiwis in the bush as well as the poison bait traps laid around the perimeter of the property to control the rabbits. Any breakages or spills inside the house whether accidental or otherwise during your stay, please inform prior to departure. Like to adopt a pragmatic approach and resolve any issue, should there even be one, in a friendly manner.

  • Feedback

    Lastly, if there is anything  you’d like to make mention of, outside of leaving a comment in the guest book, we really appreciate feedback concerning your thoughts or ideas on ways that we can add some extra touches to the lodge for future visitors. It may be a comment about something you felt was needed in the kitchen, or it could be that something was not functioning on the BBQ, or whatever it is that you noticed during your stay, and you felt needed bringing to attention, please do take the time to send me an email/or call.

  • Enjoy your stay at Taupo Bay Lodge.